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Commodore 64

© 1992 Renegade Programming Group  


- Page 1 -

Coding by Fubar

Picture by Firedrake

Font by Jon Hare
from the game 'Parallax'

Music by Apocalypse

- Page 2 -

Coding and Music by Warnock

- Page 3 -

Coding, Logos and 2x2 Font by Firedrake

1x1 Font by D Cipher of Grimoire
from the demo 'Carcass'

Music by Apocalypse

(Press [Space] to change Logo)
(Press [C=] to continue)

- Page 4 -

Coding by Wraith

Coding Support by Elwix and Firefoot of Style

Logos by Firedrake

Music by Apocalypse

- Armageddon Note! -

Coding by Matt' of Tera
from the tool 'Stubby-Noter'

Released on September 13th, 1992