Unlike the title suggests you don't have to go hunting in this game, but jump over ice blocks (after successful hunting?) to reach your home with wife and child (you are a fat penguin). Plainly you just have to reach the other side of the screen, a stupid game.

Commodore 64

© 1994 L.K. Avalon  

PAL (NTSC bugs)

Tape / Disk

1 Player

Joystick in Port 2

Coding by Maciej Walaszek

Graphics by Sebastian Srebro

1x2 Font by Tero 'Apollyon' Rönnqvist of Contex
from the demo 'Disease'

Title Music by by Steven 'A-Man' Diemer of F4CG

In-Game Music by
Thomas 'Drax' Mogensen of Vibrants

  The game is in Polish Language  

Released in June 1994

Translated from Polish into English by
Hain of F4CG and also by Red Redby of Anubis
and also by Chronos of Therapy

 NTSC fixed by The Shaolin Monastery


1. 191,500 Champ Hannover PAL
2. 181,000 Spider Straßkirchen PAL
3. 116,250 Snowflake PAL
4. 97,500 Rough Kirchseeon Pozion 30 PAL CCS64
5. 66,750 Honey PAL
6. 61,500 Psychodad Bochum PAL
7. 27,750 Baracuda Köln PAL


Action Password
Walk on the Water GOD
Immortal CHEAT
Skip Level by pressing [←] JUMP
Start in Level 50 WHISKAS