You are Officer Bob and your job is to jump in your Police Car and arrest baddies. You have to deal with punks, whores or hitchhikers. Very heavy criminals indeed. The game has an ironic touch. I never played the arcade but this seems to be a very lame conversion regarding to the success of its original.

Commodore 64

© 1987-89 Domark + Tengen  

PAL (bad flickers on NTSC)

Tape / Disk

1 Player

Joystick in Port 2

Original Arcade Design
© 1987 Atari Games

C64 Development by Walking Circles

Music by David Whittaker

Released in August 1989

 85% NTSC fixed by Stormbringer of Exodus

Cover (Tape)

Cover (Disk)



(c) 1989, 1987 Tengen Inc. All rights reserved.
TM Atari Games Corporation
Programmed by Walking Circles

A wacky game of cops and robbers... High speed chases, dangerous 
arrests and shoot outs all in crazy cartoon action. So let's be 
careful out there - Officer Bob is on the Beat!

"Straight from the coin-op... a must for all fans" New Computer 
"Great Fun... pretty hard... keeps you coming back for more" Zero
"A must buy!" Crash

The Game
APB - All Points Bulletin. Put your foot on the gas and let rip 
as you roar through the streets of the city in a series of 
hilarious and wild car chases.

Getting Started
You play the role of Officer Bob, a tough Cop in this challenging 
cartoon-style game, whole job is to partol the streets of the 
city and apprehend various criminals in your trusty Police Car.

Each day you are given a quota of offenders who must be 
apprehended before the day is out to get a salary bonus and keep 
your job. These include litter louts, drunks and hitchhikers. 
At times you'll receive an All Points Bulletin on a particularly 
dangerous villain who must be tracked down and arrested.

Should you catch Side Sniper, Freddy Freak or any of the other 
master criminals, you must return them to the station for 
'questoning'. If they confess, you can forget about your quota 
for the rest of the day. However, wringing a confession out of 
them is not easy, and you must be through before the Chief comes 
in. Waggle the joystick left and right as quickly as you can- 
a grid shows how fast you're going and how close the criminal 
is to confessing.

To arrest an offender, you must position the Steering Wheel 
Cursor over their car and switch on the siren. Continue to hold 
down the fire button for as long as you need the siren. Some 
criminals may ignore you the first few times you signal them 
to stop, depending on the severity of their crime. As the game 
progresses you can obtain a gun and shoot their cars, but don't 
hit any innocent bystanders. APB offenders must be rammed off 
the road and will not give themselves up without a fight.

If you collide with a vehicle while the siren is off, crash too 
hard or injure an innocent party, you'll get a Demerit point. 
You'll also get a Demerit for every offender you do not catch on 
your quota. Collect too many Demerits and you'll be fired.

Visit the drive-in Donut shop for extra time, pick up money bags 
to enhance your pay packet and stop off at Gas Stations to 
refuel. You can also visit the Speed Shop and buy extra 
equipment for your car including radar, armour, better brakes 
and faster acceleration. However, paying for a souped-up car 
will be difficult if you've failed in your daily quotas and 
not collected enough money.

Atari ST, Amiga, Commodore 64: Use Joystick Amstrad CPC, 
Spectrum: Use Joystick or define keys.

Left:                  Steer Left
Right:                 Steer Right
Up:                    Accelerate
Down:                  Brake
Fire pressed quickly:  Shoot gun (if present)
Fire held down:        Switch on Siren

Loading Instructions
Atari ST and Amiga: Insert Disk and swich on machine.
Commodore 64 Disk: Type LOAD "*",8,1
Amstrad CPC Disk: Type RUN "DISK
Spectrum +3 Disk: Use Loader option.

Commodore 64 Cassette: Press SHIFT and RUN/STOP and start tape.
Amstrad CPC Cassette: Press CTRL and small ENTER key and start 
Spectrum 48K Cassette: Type LOAD"" and start tape.
Spectrum 128K/+2+3 Cassette: Select Loader option.

Try to make a map of the city as soon as possible as it will help 
you get back to the police station when you've got all the 
criminals. Be daring, use both sides of the road to speed up your 
chase of the criminals, but watch out for any on-coming traffic.
Keep an eye out for the Donut shop as these are some of the many 
bonuses that can be found around the city, but be careful as you 
approach an A.P.B. for the first time as they may throw a stick 
of Dynamite at you!

On some highways are sets of roadworks, which have detour signals 
around them. You can only jump the ditch if you are going at high 
speed, otherwise you will crash, in addition be careful not to 
shoot innocent bystanders, or run over pedestrians as you will 
get 'Demerit Points'.

In fields beside the road you will find Donuts and money bags. 
The Donuts will give you extra time, but if you go over more 
than one in quick succession you will only get one lot of time. 
The money bags can give you a variety of bonuses from extra 
money to 'Demerit Erased' and 'Quota Met'.

However, occasionally the money bags are booby-trapped by 
unscrupulous criminals, but the only way you can find out is 
to pick one up...


1. $13,080 Dejuhra Bad Sobernheim PAL
2. $11,585 mombasajoe Bitburg PAL
3. $10,290 Robotron 2084 Day 3 PAL
4. $9,075 Rough Kirchseeon Day 3 PAL CCS64
5. $4,285 H.T.W Day 3 PAL
6. $2,870 Spider Wörth a.d. Donau PAL
7. $2,615 Run Day 2 PAL
8. $1,135 Mike Billmeyer Charlotte, NC
9. $300 Snowflake Berlin PAL
10. $150 Karsten Herford PAL