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Commodore 64

© 1994 Beyond Force    


- Intro -

Coding by Gremlin

2x2 Font by TLB

Music by Ole-Marius Pettersen of Prosonix

- Vectorcity -

Idea by Pygmy Projects

Coding by Gremlin

'Planet' by Black Mail

Music by HJE

- Sierpinski -

Coding by Gremlin

Logo Font by Sparkler of Megastyle Inc.
from the demo 'Brainstorm 2'

Music by
Boogaloo of Skyline Technics of Horizon
from the demo 'A Load of Old Shit'

- Fractalzoomer -

Coding by Gremlin

Music by Jeff of Camelot

- Filled Vector -

Coding by Gremlin

Logo by Napalm
from the demo 'Attack of Stubidos'

Font by Gotcha of Crazy
from the demo 'Alive!'

Music by Lars Hoff of Prosonix

- Note to AOS 3 -

Coding by Bullet of Tera
from the tool 'Easy Noter'

Music by Danko

PC Wiring Support by
Addict of Topaz Beerline and Miguel

Released on August 7th, 1994
at the Assembly '94
in Helsinki, Finland

Placed 1st out ?
in the C64 Demo competition