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Commodore 64

© 1987 Commando Frontier    


- Decrunch Screen -

Coding and Logo by Human?

- Intro -

Font by Mark Jones
from the game 'Arkanoid'

(Press [Return] to continue)

- Part 1 -

Coding by Human

Picture by Dakota

Second Font by Mark Jones
from the game 'Arkanoid'

Music by Ratt
from the demo 'Blue Monday'

(Press [1] to continue)

- Human Mix -

Coding and Sprite Font? by Human

Music by Fred Gray
from the game 'Mario Bros'

(Press [1] - [3] to choose Tune)

- Part 3 -

Coding, Bottom Display and 'Clouds'?
by Human

'Bridge', 'Jeep' and 1x1 Font
from the game 'Army Moves'

2x2 Font by Star Frontiers

Music by Rob Hubbard
from the game 'Nemesis the Warlock'

(Press [Space] to restart Music)

Released in the Compunet
in early May 1987