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Commodore 64

© 1989 The New Fashion '77  


- Intro 1 -

Coding by Xenon

Logo by Zak?

'Runner' from the game 'Hawkeye'

Font by Spirit of Science 451
from the demo 'Misery'

Music by JO of Amok

- Intro 2 -

Coding by Xenon

Logo by Punisher

Music by Rock of Finnish Gold
from the demo 'The Deadline'

- Main Part -

Coding by Roy

Logo? and 'Spaceships' by Oli

Original Font by Jon Hare
from the game 'Parallax'

Music by Macmagix of The Ruling Company

- Credits -

Coding by Oli

Music by Chris of Dynamix
from the demo 'Ihwy'

- Party-Address -

Font by Mr.Cursor of The Wanderer Group
from the demo 'Babylon III'

Music by Future Freak of Dexion

Released in September? 1989

The New Fashion '77 organized
the The New Fashion '77 Copyparty
in Gelsenkirchen, West-Germany

It took place on October 21st, 1989