You manage an airline company. You have to get workers, buy new planes, organize flights and be better than your opponent players. The entire game is very nicely designed and once you get into the game it is great fun to play. Enjoy! A pity there seems to be no English version available.

Commodore 64

© 1986 Ariolasoft  

PAL (minimalst gfx bug on NTSC)

Disk / Tape

2 to 4 Players not simultaneously

Joysticks in Port 1 and/or 2

Coding, Most Graphics and Music? by
Hans-Jürgen Richstein and Holger Cordes

Title Picture by Michael Barkhoff

Support by Manfred Ackermann,
Guido Hennings and Udo Bartels

  The game is in German language  

Released in December 1986

Cover (Disk)


Cover (Tape)



Flight Sheet (Flugzettel)