The Discmonsters 

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- Intro 1 -

Font by Star Frontiers

Music by Stefan Hartwig
from the tool 'Ultimate Intro Studio'

Cracked, +3 trained, Password and Docs added
by El Dio on January 27th, 1990

- Intro 2 -

Coding by Beast?

Music by Zardax of Origo Dreamline

- Picture Display -

Coding by The Syndicate of Beastie Boys
from the tool 'Picture-Linker v4.0'

Music by Paul Clansey
from the game 'Alien'

- Docs -

Coding and Packer by Zodiac of Flash Inc.
from the tool 'Flash Writer v1.0'

Font by 801 DC of Triad
from the demo 'In the Middle!'

Music by Macmagix of The Ruling Company