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Commodore 64

© 1988 Abyss + The Survivors
+ Alien + No Fuckin Lamers    


- Intro -

Coding by Changeling?

- Alien Page -

Coding by Alien

Picture by Michael Archer
from the game 'Slaine'

Upper 2x2 Font by Dutch USA-Team?

Music by Johannes Bjerregaard
of Danish Music Company

- NFL Page -

Coding by Mad Hacker

Music by Fred Gray
from the game 'Mutants'
(tune start is cut)
(sometimes a voice bugs)

- Abyss Page 1 -

Main Coding by The Last Dragon

FLD Coding by Changeling

Music [5] by Anthony Lees
from the game 'The Last Ninja'
(tune start is cut at first)

Music [1] - [4] by Ben Daglish
from the game 'The Last Ninja'

(Press [1] - [5] to choose Tune)

- Abyss Page 2 -

Coding by Raster Blaster

Monsters by Dave Dew
from the game 'Nemesis the Warlock'

Music by Jeroen Tel
(tune starts in the middle)

- The Survivors Page -

Coding by Satan

Support by Changeling

Music by Jonathan Dunn
from the game 'Platoon'

(Press [F1] to adjust Sprite Movement)
(Press [1] - [3] to choose Tune)
(Press [P], [G] + [T] to change Scroll Text)
(Press [+] / [-] to change Scroll Speed)

- Abyss Page 3 -

Coding and Vector Objects? by Changeling

Music [A] by Rob Hubbard and Ben Daglish
from the game 'Auf Wiedersehen Monty'

Music [B] - [M] by Rob Hubbard
from the game 'Auf Wiedersehen Monty'

(Press [A] - [M] to choose Tune)
(Joystick in Port 2 to move Vector Object)
([Space] to change Vector Object)

Idea by The Chemist and Nightcrawler

Released on April 14th?, 1988