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Commodore 64

© 1991 Arcane    


- Intro -

Coding, Logo, Sprites and Fonts
by The Stablizer

Music by Antti Hannula of Artline Designs

- Nosecandy -

Coding and 'Blue Nose Line'
by Tiamat of Arson

Picture and Font by Icebyte

Music by Reverb of Lords
from the demo 'Out to Lunch'

- Acid Trip -

Coding, 'Blocks', 'Bubbles' etc. by Imp

Logo by Aceman

Font by Jon Hare
from the game 'Parallax'

Music by Jens-Christian Huus of Vibrants
from the game 'Super Oswald'

- Freebasin -

Coding, Font and Music by The Stablizer

Picture by Digital Optix

'Monster' by Evil

- Soewhat / Ice -

Coding and Sprite Font by Icebyte

Picture by Modrip

Music by Matt Gray
from the game 'Tusker'

- Hathelberry -

Coding, Pictures and Logo by Icebyte

Font by Shade Designs

Music by Replay

- ->Read Me Dude! -

Coding by Slash of The Digital Underground
from the tool 'The Digital Writer v1.7'

Music by Link of Vibrants

Released on July 1st, 1991