Steer Clumsy Colin through the city and pick up special items to improve your motor bike. Master lake, fairground and other city areas. Believe it or not but this is a game for 'Crispy Corn Fries' from a company called 'KP Skips'?!

Commodore 64

© 1985 Mastertronic  


Tape / Disk

1 Player

Joystick in Port 2 or Keyboard

Music by Rob Hubbard

Tape released on April 1st, 1985

Disk released on October 1st, 1986

Tape Product-Code: M IC0077

Disk Product-Code: M ICD 0087

Original Price £1.99 (tape) / £4.99 (disk)

Imported to North America on Disk
by Mastertronic



Action Biker
copyright Mastertronic Limited 1985

The Aim of the Game
Steer Clumsy Colin through the streets of this
4-way, 360 degree scrolling city using items scattered
around to help you overcome obstacles such as 
the lake, fairground and building site.

The faster you go the higher your score - so
look out for items that will speed up your bike -
like the turbo charger - and keep an eye on the clock.

You will need skill in controlling the acceleration
and gear changes to achieve a good score 
especially in the drag race at the end of the game.


    Left ------- Right
Fire button to change gear.

	N - Left
	M - Right
	A - Accelerate
	Z - Decelerate
	SPACE - Change gear


1. 248,653 Ruben Spaans Brønnøysund PAL
2. 246,810 Champ Hannover PAL
3. 126,425 Rough Kirchseeon Two Tone Horn PAL CCS64
4. 119,815 Spider Straßkirchen PAL
5. 98,143 Karsten Herford PAL
6. 43,307 Dejuhra Bad Sobernheim PAL
7. 13,102 Elisabeth Spaans Brønnøysund PAL
8. 6,634 Snowflake PAL
9. 6,329 Mike Billmeyer Charlotte, NC