This simulates the BD-5J AcroJet, a sports and stunt plane. You may choose from several options of tricks to perform in many difficulty levels.

Commodore 64

© 1985 MicroProse Software  


Disk / Tape

1 to 4 Players not simultaneously

Joystick in Port 2 and Keyboard

Concept and Science by
Sid Meier and William F. Denman, Jr.

Coding by
William F. Denman, Jr. and Edward N. Hill, Jr.

Graphics by Michael O. Haire

Sound FX by Sid Meier

Includes an Editor to construct own Events

Imported to Europe on Tape and Disk
by U.S. Gold in 1985

Imported to Australia on Tape and Disk
by Ozi Soft in 1985

Cover (MicroProse)

Cover (U.S. Gold)



aerobatic flying is a pilot's ultimate challenge.  in acrojet we're
sharing with you some of the excitement, thrills and split-second
action of real aerobatic flying.

don't be dismayed if you crash your acrojet frequently.  it's a
highstrung and unforgiving aircraft.  the key to successful aerobatics
is to practice the maneuvers cautiously, safely, carefully and with
plenty of altitude.  only then can you attempt them at low altitude.

aerobatic flying is a thrilling and dangerous sport that doesn't get
the attention it deserves.  we urge you to go watch a real event, see
the planes overhead, and talk to the pilots and ground crew.  you'll
appreciate and enjoy acrojet that much more!

this simulation is dedicated to sport, aerobatic and stunt pilots
everywhere in the world.  we want to bring you the excitement they
feel every time they climb into the cockpit for a competition or just
plain flying fun!

although no real pentathlon or decathlon for sport aviation currently
exists, continued promotion of sport aviation and aerobatics may
produce such a competition in the future.  in the meantime, although
this simulation aims at realism, please don't  attempt any of the
maneuvers depicted herein a real aircraft. aerobatic pilots have
years of training and experience. only the best would attempt in real
life the maneuvers depicted in this product - low altitude aerobatics
is extremely dangerous, with no leeway for human error or mechanical

most of all we want you to have fun.  we've had fun making this
product, and look forward to competing with you in the excitment of
an acrojet competition.  good loops to you.

getting a quick can get airborne in your acrojet
simulator quickly by following the appropriate loading instructions,
reviewing the cockpit layout found midway through the instructions
and reading through the description on aircraft controls.
instructions for basic takeoff and landing techniques can be found
right after the controls section.

be sure to unlock your planes controls when requested.  the lock
colors and appropriate lock codes are listed in alphabetical order
throughout this manual.


flying is a sport for hundreds of thousands of americans today. light
planes are reasonably inexpensive when bought off the lot and down
right cheap if you build them yourself from a kit.  every weekend
around the nation pilots converge on a small airfield to fly for
pleasure, in informal competitions, to conventions, or at formal
competitions sponsored by the eaa and iac.

this program lets you enjoy a simulation of sport flying.  you can
experience all the thrills of flying, even perform your own
aerobatics.  better yet, your flying the bd-5j acrojet, one of the
few sport jets in existence.  this plane is fast, maneuverable, very
small, and very tricky.  to fly one in real life you'd need years of
training and experience.  you will enjoy the thrill of sport flying
in truly "hot planes".  the only answer was a computer simulation of
the acrojet.

sport flying has numerous competitions, formal and informal. in
keeping with the spirit of the acrojet, we've presented 10 aerobatic
events that would test the mettle of any pilot.  fly any 5 for a
pentathlon or all 10 for a grueling decathlon.  also included is an
unlimited event where you can decide what pilots will perform and judge
them on it.  this human judging of performance is the standard for
international competition today.

we enjoy the challenges and hair raising performance of the acrojet.
we know you will too, as you fly it from you livingroom.

loading....use port 2, no joystick in port 1 as it can scramble the
controls.  if you have a c-128 hold down the shift and commodore keys
when you turn on the computer, this places it in the c-64 mode.
load"*",8,1 press any key to begin after loading.


acrojet has a large variety of aerobatic events, options, and
preflight checkout steps.  however, in every case you can advance
quickly to the next option by pressing the fire button the control
stick.  in additions, the following special controls are useful.

runstop restore restart:  if you hold down the run/stop key, & then
press the restore key, the entire program restarts fresh from memory
[ no disk loading ].  all entries are forgotten except new "hall of
fame" records [ see wgsp hall of fame" for details on clearing that ].


when acrojet begins loading, you will see a colorful title screen.
press any key when loading is finished and this will advance you to
the hall of fame.


if you do not press a key, the demo starts, pressing any key during
the demo returns you to the title screen.


the "world's greatest sport pilot [wgsp] hall of fame posts scoring
records for the top pentathlon and decathlon flyers, as well as best
scores in single events.  press any key [except "ctrl c"] to leave this
screen and continue.  "ctrl c" keys held down will clear all names and
scores from the hall of fame.


here you register for an event by selecting either the decathlon [all
ten events], the pentathlon [any five events], a single event or an
unlimited event [a single event where you control the activity, time
limit, & judging].

control stick up/down:  moves the highlight cursor up and down the
screen.  the competition currently selected [decathlon, pentathlon,
single event, or unlimited] is indicated by a "*".

control stick left/right:  changes the highlighted selection

type to enter your name:   when you're finished press "return" once.
each name is limited to 8 characters, including blank spaces.

control stick fire button:  exits the screen.  don't press it until
your done making selections!


this screen only appears if you have selected an "unlimited" event.

control stick up/down:  moves the highlight cursor up and down the

control stick left/right:  changes/erases the highlighted selection.

event name:  you can type up to 20 characters, including blank
spaces.  when your finished press return once.

adjust difficulty factor:  you can adjust the difficulty rating for
the event with the control stick, or by typing a new value.
difficulty factors range from 1.0 [for the easiest event] to 3.0 [for
the hardest].  type the appropiate digits in the highlighted space.

timed vs untimed:  if you select a timed event, the time it takes to
complete the event becomes an important part of the score.  if you
select an untimed event, the judge's opinion is a large part of the

course layout:  you can select any course by number.

   course 1-2...4 pylons (ne, se, nw, sw)
   course 3-4...two ribbon gates side by side sw of the airfield
   course 5.....two ribbon gates east and west of the airfield.
   course 6.....three ribbon gates ne, se & w of the airfield.
   course ribbon gate west of the airfield.
   course 8.....landing field only.
   course 9.....two ribbon gates east and west of the airfield.

control stick fire button:  exits the screen.  don't press it until
your done making selections!!


here you can review or select the events in the competion.  if your
flying the pentathlon, select any 5 events.  if your flying the
decathlon, you must fly all ten.  if you select fewer, other events
will be selected for you.

the arrows on the sides indicate events selected, the highlight cursor

control stick up/down:  to select/deselect different events.

control stick left/right: selects or removes an event.  you can also
select an event by typing its number [type 0 for event 10, + for item
11-the normal defaults].


control stick forward [dive]:  this lowers the elevators, which
pushes the tail of your plane upward.  in normal flight this results
in a dive.

control stick back[climb]: this raises the elevators, which pushes
the tail of your plane downward.  in normal flight this results in a

control stick left/right [bank]:  this deflects the ailerons,
causing your plane to bank and turn in the appropiate direction.

control stick button [slip]:  pressing the control stick button
while you push the stick left or right banks the plane with "opposite
rudder".  the result can be a faster descent while you continue
flying forward, or straight nose tracking during an aileron roll.

viewing:  the w,a,s, & z keys change your viewing direction.  "w"
shows the normal forward view, "a" shows the view to the left of the
plane, "s" the view to the right and "z" the view to the rear.

0-9 [throttle]:  press "0" to completely close your throttle, which
turns off the engine.  press 1 through 9 to set your throttle from
the lowest power [1] to the highest [9].  higher power causes your
plane to fly faster but be careful your engine doesn't overheat
[exceed an egt reading of 700 degrees c].

[f] flaps:  press "f" to change your flap settings.  flaps can be
either up [zero degrees], partly lowered [20 degrees] or completely
lowered [40 degrees].  in general, flaps add lift and permit slower
landing speeds.

[l] landing gear:  press "l" to raise and lower your landing gear.
landing gear must be lowered to a safe landing, and raised for safe

[b] landing gear brakes:  press "b" to brake your landing brake
wheels.  this slows you on the runway.  this is especially valuable
if you land too fast, or too far down the runway.

[space bar] speed brakes: press the space bar to extend and retract
your speed brakes.  when speed brakes are extended your airspeed
shows significantly.

[f1] engine/weather crt:  press "f1" to switch the left crt between
engine readout and weather information.


ctrl r:  hold down ctrl and press "r" to end the competition.

ctrl v:  volume control - hold down ctrl and press "v" to turn the
sound on and off.

run/stop restore:  hold down run/stop and press "restore" to reset
the entire program to the start again [all records blanked].


 throttle controls:            numbers 1 thru 9
 throttle off:                 number zero [0]
 engine weather crt change:    f1
 view:                         w=forward
 ctrl r:                       restart
 f:                            flaps
 b:                            landing gear brakes
 l:                            landing gear
 p:                            pause game
 space bar:                    speed brakes
 ctrl v:                       volume on/off