It's a match in 501 darts against three opponents 'til you win the championship. Graphics are in funny-style and game play is okay.

Commodore 64

© 1986 M.A.D. Games  

PAL (NTSC flickers very little)


1 or 2 Players not simultaneously

Joystick in Port 2

Development by Binary Design

Coding by Andrew Routledge

Most Graphics by Jeremy 'Frodo' Nelson

Hand Graphics by Ste Pickford

Music by David Whittaker

Digi Voice by Pete Gartside

Released in October 1986

Original Price £2.99

 NTSC fixed by Jack Alien of Remember


Review (Zzap! 64)


1. Final Rough Kirchseeon PAL CCS64

Around the Clock
1. 13 Rough Kirchseeon PAL CCS64